An extra 10% Discount on Back to School 2012

Take advantage of your commercial contact with ODM and let your kids benefit from our range of back to school supplies!!

As focus moves from the Jubilee towards the Olympics it won’t be long afterwards that your kids will be returning to School, College or University.  Why not bring them into our store, tell us who you work for and get an extra 10% off our already very competitve store prices.  For the months of July and August we’ll help you pick and choose all the things they’ll need for school – from files, to pens, pencil cases, calculators, note books and pads.

Save Money on Office Printing

3 simple steps to save money on office printing.

A recent Gartner report highlighted 3 areas where immediate significant savings can be made:

  • Ensure ‘Toner Saving’ mode is selected for all text printing jobs.
    – Save up to 10% on total print costs
  • Eliminate printing of ‘Banner Pages’, use User Authentication / PIN numbers.
    – Save up to 20% on total print costs
  • Enforce ‘Duplex’ double-sided printing across your organisation.
     – Save up to 30% on total print costs

The full report can be downloaded here: Printer Cost Cutting Guide

Contact us to discuss how ODM’s printer solutions can help your organisation achieve these major cost savings